“If you want to change the world, first change yourself”

Our journey starts with the individual

Our organisations and communities are a reflection of our leaders and their inner worlds. Thus, our journey starts with you. We all have a role to play in expanding the horizons of our leaders, our teams, our organisations and our communities. Discovery Lane explores some of the most important questions about our human condition:

As an Individual

Progress starts with you.
How can we “know thyself” and build a deeper understanding of who we are?
How do we move beyond willpower and build habits for happiness?
How do we sense and respond to our ever changing world and cultivate our role?

With our Teams

Together we can do so much more.
How can we define new meaningful ways of collaborating?
How do we bridge our differences and come together to solve today’s complex problems?

Across our Organisations

Our opportunity to create new foundations for moral progress.
How can we transform the role of the organisation to be one that enables the individual?
How do we redefine “growth” as something more than just the bottom line to deliver sustainable and responsible strategies?

With our Fellow Humans

Being human comes with a grave responsibility.
How can we expand our identity to rally around a shared vision for all of humanity?
How do we be the custodians for the well-being of our planet, and balance the needs and desires of all its inhabitants?

A little about me

Hey good looking! My name is Benjamin Lane.
I am an Idealist on a lifelong journey to connect with people from all walks of life to inspire, empower and deliver lasting value around our world and meaning in the everyday.
I work and play  with a range of individuals and organisations to grow impactful teams and maximise human potential.
I told you I was an idealist!

My journey is not a particularly glamorous one –  but one of exploration and small imperfect steps.
I am quickly finding that there are no shortcuts, but there are a lot of tools, practices and wisdom that can enable our growth.
A core theme of my winding journey is uncovering these practices and making them accessible and relevant for others in the forms of podcasts, blogs, workshops and more.

I believe that how we spend our time can bring tremendous joy and value to our world, and that together we can access radically more powerful ways to solve today’s problems.

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