Together, with a group of merry men and women, I run a range of workshops centered around tools and practices that build self-awareness and intentional action.

“We have to do the work to get clear”

Our focus

Our approach is:

 ▪ Integrated across leading with the mind, heart and body

 ▪ Based in the science of how we learn and transform information into wisdom

 ▪ Focused on practical action that creates lasting behavior change

 ▪ Obsessed with creating journeys of deep impact

We engage with organisations for to craft anything from a ½ day one-off workshop to a year long learning journey for its leaders.

Example workshops

Authentic Leadership:
Building self-awareness & focus

Are you looking to become a more inspirational leader? Are you seeking to better understand your values and what you stand for as a leader?

A clear understanding of your values and what motivates you as a leader​

 An understanding of how the brain works and why we do what we do​

 A short term action plan filled with small habits that enable transformation​

Integrated Leadership:
Building harmony & embracing complexity

Are you trying to solve a problem that doesn’t have an answer? Are you struggling with one of life’s polarities? Are you seeking to build more integration?

An understanding of polarity thinking and how to manage complexity​​

Support on how identity and manage a live polarity​​

 A tailored action plan and set of practices to apply in everyday​​

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